Please, Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full

TW and I have been having some delightfully tasty, put me to bed wet, sex lately. Mostly because Mr. Happy has become Mr. Limpy, at least at nighttime. Morning wood is still regularly occurring, although we haven’t partaken of it during the week. That’s usually reserved for the weekend when we’re both not pressed for time.  Another factor in Mr. Limpy’s appearance, besides my turning 50, is that I’ve began to workouts with weights again. Weightlifting has always tired me out, and, since I’m working out after dinner, by the time we head off to bed, Mr. Happy has taken the night off. Not all the time mind you, but quite often enough.

Still another factor is my inability to fantasize anymore.  I’ve given up on the SILs and the co-workers, along with any swinging fantasies as well. I firmly believe that sex is 90% or more mental, and right now, I’m as mental as I can get. 😛 Seriously though, I have a hard time orgasming now that I’ve left my fantasy fucks behind. Even imagining TW tied up in the woods, with a biker gang (both guys and gals) about to ravish her for hours, doesn’t do it for me anymore. Sad, so very, very, very sad.

I am having some kick ass dreams though.  The other night, I was able to fuck both TW and my MIL. They were both into it and it was sexy as hell. I even came in my dream! When I woke up, I had to make sure I didn’t have a wet dream as well. I might have had one, but I probably only shot air. Maybe my nuts are empty? Who the hell knows.

So, anyway, TW and I have been having an oral feast just about every night. Well, okay, I’m doing the feasting and TW’s the feastee, but I NEVER complain. I love eating her out, feeling her writhe under my tongue, her legs wrapped tightly around my head as she cums violently. We then fall asleep in each other’s arms.

It’s the perfect ending to our day.

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  1. I always work out at lunch, or right after work if, for some reason, I can’t do it earlier. In addition to getting some much needed exercise, it keeps me from eating the super-fattening food of nearby restaurants. Plus, it breaks up the day. I highly recommend noontime workouts if you can work them in.

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