And Then, HE Showed Up

Well, we were on both ends of the spectrum yesterday. First, Mr. Happy made his appearance in the morning, and then last night, Mr. Noodle reared his ugly head. Yes, that’s what I’m gonna call my limp(ish) dick problem, Mr. Noodle.

So, after a ROUSING oral session that saw TW clamp my head between her thighs several times, along with slapping my bald head on numerous occasions as well, she wanted to fuck. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mr. Happy was NOWHERE to be seen (or felt for that matter) I was left with Mr. Noodle, undercooked and limp. (I’d call him Mr. Limp Biscuit, but I don’t think Fred Durst would be too happy with me.)

So, I tried to feign sleep but TW was having none of it. She turned her back to me, so, me being the consummate lover, I pushed my noodly  appendage into her pussy. Thankfully, I got just hard enough to provide her with a couple more orgasms, before I softly (emphasis on SOFTLY) slipped out. Thankfully, my tongue is still working correctly. The oral portion of our sex session was awesome. TW came hard and often. If I ever lose my tongue, I’ll be in deep shit, although I guess my fingers would get the job done as well. My thumb sure did a number on her last night when we were 69-ing. Might also have been the spanking. Either way, it was all orgasmic.   😉

More oral fun tonight. FOR SURE! Unless of course, her period shows up. TW’s exhibiting all the symptoms of period onset. It’s just 7 weeks late. Crazy ass menopause!

2 thoughts on “And Then, HE Showed Up

  1. SEVEN weeks. That would make me way too nervous to do anything. I don’t know how you manage, especially with your preferred birth control method.

    • Yeah, about that. It’s actually only 3 weeks late. It’s been 7 weeks since her last period. My fault on that one. As for the “Russian Roulette” method we use, since I’ve been taking the Zoloft, I have much better control over my orgasms than I did in the past. Also, I noticed that I don’t produce pre-cum anymore, so the risk is less. Besides, TW love to swallow or wear my cum. I can’t deny her that pleasure! 😉

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