I Told You You Weren't Pregnant!

So, I finally got tired of TW’s anxiety about possibly being pregnant and bought a pregnancy test this past Saturday. As expected, results were negative. I TOLD YOU SO! I am very, Very, VERY careful of where I spurt my cum and I don’t do it inside of TW’s slippery went pussy, even when she rocks her hips and makes me cum. Thank god she swallows! Or wears it. At least TW has some peace of mind now. I’ve been at peace with it since she first missed her period 3 weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, I know I said she was seven weeks late in my last post. Brain fart by me on that one. Still, it really has thrown us for a loop, that things just shut off like they did when she hit 50. Weird! I knew she wasn’t pregnant because she didn’t exhibit any of the signs like in the past.

All is well, ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmm……

To celebrate, we had an awesome session Sunday morning (Mr. Happy was very happy indeed!)  TW was spanked, fucked, sucked and pretty much left for dead by the time I was finished with her. She has the most amazing orgasms. I wish she would let me film them and post them here. It really is fantastic to watch her cum. She’s a real screamer, especially when we’re alone in the house. I’m sure the neighbors can hear her. Adds to my street cred on the block…. 😛 Alas, it is not to be, she won’t even let me post her face so you all know that filming her is O U T of the question. It would be nice if we had friends we could talk to on a regular basis about it and compare notes. Alas, that is also out as we seem to have the damnedest luck with friendships. Oh, we have plenty of vanilla friends but no real down n dirty, freaky, dark side of life friends to hang out with. Sigh, it’s always been that way unfortunately. Oh well, maybe next lifetime.

No sex last night though. TW was pretty much asleep as soon as her sexy ass hit the mattress. I gave her a nice, relaxing rubdown and she was in dreamland in no time. We both had trouble waking up this morning so no morning sex for us either. There’s always tonight though!

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  1. lol, It would be great to see a vid of you and TW….But it sounds exactly like my wife…She wont do a vid either… she thinks I’d post it on the internet… What, Who me?? why would she think of such a thing…lol

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