Morning Wood Redux

Ah, the morning hardon, is there anything more useful in the world?

We had another nice morning session today. TW rode my cock CG style to several strong orgasms before I took her from behind Spoon style and drove her over the edge a few more times. Another great start to the day. Hopefully, we’ll have some alone time this weekend and we can get our freak on, again.

I Woke Up With Wood

TW was the happy recipient of my morning wood this morning. I’ve noticed lately that I’m getting more morning wood than usual. Not that either one of us is gonna complain all that much. 😉

We had a nice little Spoon session. TW had a few orgasms and then got a bonus rub down afterward. Quieter than our usual sessions but productive none the less.

Definitely a good start to the day.


And what a good morning it was! TW and I got in a nice CG and oral session this morning. She was going to turn on the news, but I had something between my legs that turned her on much more than the news, if you get my drift. 😉

TW took matters into her own hands, so to speak, and mounted up CG style. I easily slid into her pussy and we were off. We both love CG. I like it for the easy access to her sexy ass and lovely tits. TW loves it because I tend to slip out from time to time and she really gets off when my dick slides across her clit. We both got what we wanted this morning.

I think I mentioned this in the previous blog, but I love slapping TW on the ass. Doesn’t matter if she’s got clothes on or not, the feel of my palm contacting her ass just gets to me. I’m also partial to her tits as well. She still makes my palms itch whenever she flashes her fun bags. No, really, the middle of my palms itch. I guess it goes back to when we were first dating and she first showed me her tits. Maybe it’s from having her nipples pressed into my palms, I don’t know. I guess I’m just like Pavlov’s dog. 🙂

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, TW was riding me CG style and I was spanking her sexy ass.

Each time my hands made contact, TW would groan in pleasure. I felt her pussy get hotter as I alternated cheeks and when I laid my lips on her tits, well, the orgasms were quite intense. TW threw her head back and rode like a woman possessed. Since YS was at his girlfriends house overnight, TW was able to let her inner slutty whore out and she screamed in pleasure, begging me to fuck her harder and deeper. Naturally, I obliged quite nicely.

After about 15 minutes or so, TW asked if I’d like some pussy for breakfast. HELL YEAH I would! I quickly scooted down and she placed her pussy on my face. I reached up and proceeded to pinch and twist her nipples. TW had several more, very strong orgasms before finally pulling herself away from my eager tongue. I left her spread out on the bed, trying to catch her breath.

Now, wasn’t that better than just watching the news?


Yesterday, TW and I were left to our own devices again. YS was out with his girlfriend and CG headed back to school, so, TW and I put our alone time to good use.

After seeing CG off, TW and I relaxed for most of the morning, watching TV, reading, and surfing the net. While we were sitting around, TW had stripped down to her panties and a light t-shirt. I could see her dark areolas through the shirt. Of course, I could see them plainly whenever she’d flash me her tits, which she likes to do when we’re home alone. I’m certainly NOT gonna complain!

Finally, TW closed her laptop and loudly proclaimed, “I’m horny!”

Well, I definitely could fix that up right quick. I closed my laptop, shut the TV off and led her to the bedroom. She kept repeating “I’m horny.” While she was busy putting her hair up in to a pony tail, I quickly got out a blindfold, a soft strap to tie her hands,  a wooden spoon,  the flogger and a leather paddle to use on TW’s sexy ass. When she came out of the bathroom, I quickly blindfolded her, tied her hands in front of her, and then led her to the bed by grabbing her nipples and pulling. TW loves it when I play with her nips and she was moaning in no time.

I positioned TW on all fours on the bed and began her spanking. I left her panties on and began with a nice hand thrashing. I then moved to the leather paddle before pulling her panties down and switching to the wooden spoon. TW’s ass turned a nice cherry red as I spanked her with the paddle and spoon. I didn’t want to bruise her so I moved on to the flogger. This is my favorite discipline toy. I’m able to get her ass nice and red and also abuse her tits, popping her nipples quite nicely as the straps work their magic.

TW’s pussy was soaking wet from the spanking, and, when I pulled her panties down, she let out a low, guttural moan. I started to play with her cunt, teasing her clit with my finger tips and bringing her to the edge of orgasm. I decided to up the ante a bit and got our favorite dildo from the toy chest. It’s 9.5″ inches long, thick, and black. I teased her pussy by rubbing that monster across her pussy lips and clit. When I drove it home, TW came violently.

As I worked her pussy, I tongue fucked her asshole. TW’s orgasm intensity ratcheted up quite nicely. She was still blindfolded, with her hands tied as well, so her mind was working overdrive with fantasies. She kept moaning, “No, no, no, no, oh yes!” as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I finished with the dildo and pushed her over on her side. She was panting and moaning as she came down from her orgasmic high.

After cleaning off the dildo and putting it away, I rejoined her on the bed. I pushed her on to her back and dove between her legs, licking and nipping at her clit. Her orgasms were quite intense as my lips worked their magic on her pussy. She squeezed my head tightly between her legs as she came. As she twisted back and forth on the bed, I twisted with her to prevent a broken neck (what a way to go though!) She finally pushed me away to catch her breath. I moved between her legs and pushed my cock into her sloppy cunt. She moaned loudly as I began to thrust.

I was in a heightened state of excitement as well, so I couldn’t fuck her for too long. She groaned in frustration when I pulled my cock free of her cunt, but her mood lightened considerably when I told her I was going to cum on her. She wouldn’t let me cum on her new shirt though, so, after getting a towel from the bathroom, I had her kneel on the floor. By this time, I had removed her blindfold and untied her hands. She had lost her panties during the violent dildo fucking.

After removing her shirt, TW kneeled before me, and I fed her my cock. She greedily sucked my dick as I stroked faster and faster. It wasn’t too long before TW was receiving the third load of the weekend, as I coated her lips, neck and tits with my cum. As I came on her, TW was busy frigging her clit and cumming hard. She really loves to wear my cum and I sure as hell enjoy it when she does. I squeezed out the last few drops on her tongue as TW’s orgasms subsided.

Unfortunately, we were unable to repeat the performance last night before bed, but, I was able to get some delicious pussy for breakfast this morning. 😉

Nice start to the day for sure!

What I'm Thankful For Today

Hot, passionate, wild, cumtastic sex! HOLY SHIT was it HOT!

TW came to the bedroom to wake me up this morning and it was well worth it. It started out with a nice rubdown for me and then a nice blowdown for me as well. Then, TW mounted up CG style and we were off.

I easily slid my cock into her well lubed cunt and fucked her silly. TW was very horny and it showed. She kept bending down to push her tits into my face. I love suckling on her so I took advantage and nipped and tugged on those babies until they were diamond tipped glass cutters. TW moaned and came, driving her pussy down on my cock while I fucked her hard from below.

TW then rolled off me and I took the opportunity to get me some pussy for breakfast. I slid my tongue along her cunt and when I hit her clit, TW came like crazy. She ground her pussy against my face as my tongue worked her clit and hole. I took my time, driving her to the brink again and again, causing TW to crush my head between her thighs. After a while, she asked if I’d like to use a dildo on her while I was eating her.


I hit our toy chest and got the dildo that’s about my size and girth. As I was retrieving the dildo, TW was busy fingering her pussy and clit. I rubbed the head of the dildo along her slippery slit and guided it into her cunt. TW came immediately. When I added my tongue to her clit, her orgasms went into overdrive. She slapped my head in rhythm as my tongue worked her clit. I drove the dildo deep and fast into her pussy as she clamped her legs tightly around it and my hands worked her tits. I pinched and twisted her nipples, making her orgasm intensity increase ten fold.

By the time I pulled the soaked dildo from her cunt, TW was just about orgasmed out. After cleaning the dildo and putting it away, I rejoined TW on the bed. I moved behind her into Spoon and began to fuck her from behind. It didn’t take long and I was ready to cum. I quickly withdrew my cock and TW immediately went down to swallow my load. I had a rather large load for her and she pretty much got it all. The cum she did miss, she quickly licked up like the good, little cum slut she is. I got up to get a towel to clean up and came back to find TW sobbing on the bed. I’d like to take full credit for her emotional release but she did hit her head on the headboard when she went to lie back down. 😉

What a way to start the day!