WHEW! Glad THAT'S Over

Now that TW’s period has come and gone, we can get back to sexing it up. Of course, it’s right in time for the family to be together again for Thanksgiving. CG came home late Sunday night so we’re once again one, big, happy family, for the most part. Some members of TW’s family are still angry at me over the election. DOOM IS UPON US! Get real and GET OVER IT!

Speaking of sexing it up, TW and I had a nice session Sunday morning. Her period wasn’t quite over yet, so she used a Softcup and mounted up CG style so I could suck on her marvelous titties. We fucked until I was ready to cum and then she went down on me and sucked me dry. 😀

What a gal!

Hopefully we’ll get some quality fuck time in over the long weekend. The kids usually go and visit friends for a couple of hours or so. Maybe we can sneak in a session or two. Keep your fingers crossed.

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