Morning Wood Redux

Ah, the morning hardon, is there anything more useful in the world?

We had another nice morning session today. TW rode my cock CG style to several strong orgasms before I took her from behind Spoon style and drove her over the edge a few more times. Another great start to the day. Hopefully, we’ll have some alone time this weekend and we can get our freak on, again.

3 thoughts on “Morning Wood Redux

  1. so…you’re back here at O40MS? Is it my imagination or was there an over 50 married sex for a while? I could be imagining it, you know. I’ve got a very active imagination, after all!

    PS…the sex is so hawt between you two….and that’s a precious thing, you know.

    • There was an Over 50 Married Sex, but, nobody was reading it! We were getting more traffic here at OFMS, so, rather than have two blogs open, we came back to the original. Crazy, huh?

      TW and I are VERY aware that what we have is precious. We have way too many friends and family who don’t have sex as often as we do. We enjoy EVERY DAMN SECOND of it! 🙂

      • Well, at least I know I’m not going crazy! I mean, I could be but not over that! LOL! To give you perspective, I live vanilla life as a lesbian, and my wife and I have had separate rooms for 6 years, and not had sex in 9. Thank goodness for my Master…we don’t get together all that often, about every other month, but when we do? It’s nonstop!

        I’m so happy that you both have “it”…that amazing chemistry that keeps you two rockin’ and rolling, and me, the reader, vicariously entertained by your antics!!


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