Adult Tested – MrMrsMD Approved


Just WOW!

TW and I had the most awesome CG session this morning. HOLY FUCK! It was hot, heavy, animalistic sex at it’s best. HOLY SHIT!

It was quite different from fucking CG style on the old mattress. There wasn’t as much give so I was able to drive deeper into my honey’s cunt without risking back pain. TW didn’t sink as low into the mattress either so she was able to push herself down on my cock as well. It made for one hell of a ride and plenty of orgasms for TW.

It started off slowly enough. TW grabbed my hardon as we woke up. I then immediately went for her tits, kissing and licking her nipples as she stroked my cock. When I reached down to play with her pussy, she was soaked, absolutely soaked. I played with her clit as I suckled on her nipples. She came hard and she came often as I played with her.

TW then pushed me on to my back and mounted up CG style. She easily slid down my dick as she began to ride me. Pretty soon we were rockin’ and rollin’ in time to the beat. The new bed gave support without all the movement of our last one. It was pretty damn sweet! I suckled on her tits, spanked her sexy ass and pulled her hair. All the while, my baby came like a banshee. She buried her head against my shoulder and screamed. The most awesome sound I’ve ever heard.

We fucked for almost thirty minutes before deciding we better get up and head off to work. Her cunt was absolutely soaked, and she needed a bit more, so I suckled her tits while she fingered herself to another orgasm or two. The end of the session featured TW sucking furiously on my dick. Uh, uh honey, it’s my morning hardon baby, I ain’t gonna cum. 🙂

Maybe later.

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  1. oh that was hot to read…I’m glad the new bed has renewed your….vim n vigor!!

    Hair pulling…mmmmmmm….


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