Now…What Brought That On?

TW and I finally got the chance to christen the new bed doggie style the other day. The bed works quite nicely to keep TW up on all fours and protect her back. She doesn’t sink into the bed as much which allows me to grab her hips and pound her hard and fast from behind. In fact, it worked so well, that we almost christened the bed with it’s first cum shot. Luckily, TW’s light on her feet (or is that hands and knees?) and was quickly able to spring off the bed, grab my cock and shove it in her mouth.

Ahh, sweet relief! My honey swallowed my rather large load and didn’t even choke or gag once. What a woman! She is a great cock sucker, but then, I’m quite biased and don’t really have the test group to say otherwise. 😉

The next day, what should magically appear? TW’s period! Exactly 14 days after her last one started! Yeah, great, just great. We’ve arrived in CRAZY Menopause town again. Let’s just hope it doesn’t show up every 14 days! We’ll never be able to fully test the bed. We have yet to do 69 and RCG. Oh, and let’s not forget the bondage play and a spanking session or two as well. Yeah, plenty of testing yet to do.

2 thoughts on “Now…What Brought That On?

  1. A period every 14 days? That’s crazy. You’ve gone from one extreme to another. If when’ this starts happening to us we won’t handle it nearly so well.

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