Magic Hands

It’s no secret that TW loves when I put my hands upon her. I reached a new level of awesome today by making TW cum by rubbing my palms over her nipples.

We got in a nice little CG session this afternoon. TW’s period isn’t quite over yet but, since TW is super horny and wanted to be spanked, we got a towel (TW’s out of Soft Cups) and we were off. While TW was riding me hard and fast, I was spanking her ass and flogging her tits and ass as well. During one orgasm, I was rubbing my palms over her nipples. I don’t know what I did, what nerves I hit but TW closed her eyes and came like crazy. By the time we were finished, TW was crying. She slumped over, onto my chest, and sobbed as she came down from the powerful orgasms.

We finished with a nice, slow, sensuous CG fuck and then took a quick nap. Next up, a face fuck to finish up the night. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for, I’m sure TW wants it as well. She LOVES to suck cock.

One thought on “Magic Hands

  1. I came once, standing back to the wall, when Master was spanking my tits…it’s a powerful thing…a truly amazing kind of orgasm when pain kisses pleasure…

    Thanks for sharing!


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