We had some alone time at bedtime last night. We put it to very good use.

I got my favorite bedtime snack, PUSSY, and TW got some rocking orgasms.

Prior to TW getting to the bedroom, I had done an intensive search and rescue mission to find one of our favorite toys. We haven’t used it in a while, so, I had to do a clandestine change of the batteries to ensure it would be at full throttle when I used it on TW later that night. Thankfully, I was able to complete the mission successfully without TW discovering what I was up to.

When we finally headed off to bed, and right before I got down to business betwixt TW’s thighs, I pulled out the wonderful, wascally wabbit, err, rabbit. TW’s eyes lit up when she saw it and asked me where I found it. I filled her in on my search and got busy working her pussy with my tongue. Oh the orgasms she did have! I licked, lapped, nipped and sucked on her pussy for all I was worth. TW rewarded me with a head crushing, leg wrap. As I was eating her, I grabbed the rabbit.

TW asked, “What? Trying to slyly get the vibrator?”

I replied, “No, just warming it up honey”

She quickly responded, “No need for that, I’m sure my pussy is hot enough to handle it.”

With that said, I turned the thing on and proceeded to work it into her cunt. When the vibrating bunny ears hit her clit, TW’s ass rose off the bed. When I added my tongue between the ears, TW screamed in orgasm. I then turned on the rotating shaft and fucked my honey silly. I was able to work her pussy into a sloppy mess as I licked her clit between strokes of the vibrator. I pinched and twisted her nipples as well and TW had several strong orgasms before she finally had to push me away. We both fell asleep quickly and slept pretty well.

We like alone time.

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  1. alone…but very definitely NOT lonely! Sounds like a good (sloppy, wet, orgasmic) time was had by all!


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