Better Use It While You Got It

For the first time in a long time, TW and I had the house to ourselves and DIDN’T have crazy, wild, animalistic sex. Oh, there was some pre-dinner pussy snacking for sure, but, by the time we headed off to bed, both of us were too tired to fuck or suck. It’s okay though, this morning made up for it.

I awoke to TW sucking on my quickly hardening cock. Thank you morning hardon! And THANK YOU TW for loving to suck cock! It didn’t take TW long to mount up CG style and fuck me hard and fast. She easily sank down on my shaft and began to hump her way to several orgasms.

As she bounced up and down on my dick, I was busy making sure her ass was nice and warm. I gave her a nice, warm, red ass to start her day. My hands were actually tingling I was hitting her so hard. TW’s orgasms increased in intensity, as my hands worked her bottom, and soon she was wailing away.

We then switched it up to Spoon and TW got the hard fucking, hair pulling, ass slapping fuck she REALLY wanted. Damn, I LOVE my morning hardons, they last so long. I was even able to fantasize about tieing up and fucking TW’s sister, Z. As much as I try to get away from fantasizing about the SILs, I always wind up back with them. DAMN IT! Get out of my head, hot, sexy, fuckable SILs!

Anyway, as I fantasized about fucking TW and Z, I was pounding TW very hard from behind. I could hear her pussy squish as I pumped her hard and deep. TW was busy cumming and her moans and screams of pleasure were getting louder and louder. When I grabbed her hair and pulled, TW lost it. I felt her pussy gush and she let out a long, loud wail as she came. I’m hoping her wails were heard down the block and I got more “street cred” There’s a couple ladies down the block I wouldn’t mind making scream, but in a good, “oh my god, that was fantastic way” and not in a creepy, “oh my god, you’re one sick mother fucker” way. But then, maybe they’re into sick mother fuckers. 😉

After fucking her to a couple more relaxing orgasms, we started our day. I don’t think we’ll be home alone again tonight, so we’ll have to keep the orgasms on the down low. Maybe I’ll ball gag TW…….