Okay. That’s More Like It!

Just when TW and I thought we’d NEVER have sex again (yeah, okay, that’s a lie, we NEVER think that! šŸ˜‰ ) we had a nice oral session last night, which was followed up by a CG and Spoon session this morning. It was nice to feel TW’s pussy slide down my dick. It was also very nice to get my hands on her bare titties again.

Oh, and let’s not forget the lips, having my lips on her nips just sends me man. It really makes TW feel nice too. I can always tell. Her pussy getsĀ HOTĀ and sloppy. Just the way I like it, or, is that lick it? Either way, we make the most of it.Ā 

Rocking Cumtastic Sex

TW and I had a freakin’ awesome session yesterday morning. It was loud, it was long and it ended with something we haven’t done in along time, a titty fuck to completion. HOLY SHIT it was HOT!

I took the day off yesterday and once YS left for work, TW and I were alone. Needless to say, we put our time to good use. Things started off with TW kissing, licking and sucking my cock. When I was sufficiently hard, she mounted up and fucked herself silly CG style.

While we fucked, she got quite the spanking, leaving her ass red and hot and my hands numb. Stroke after stroke were applied to her sexy ass as she drove herself up and down on my dick. Every time her tits would get in range of my mouth, I was sucking and nipping on them. This ALWAYS drives TW wild and her orgasms ratcheted up a notch or two. She was screaming (more court cred!) moaning and crying as the orgasms overwhelmed her. Of course, that might have had something to do with the grip I had of her hair. Two fist fulls. She loves when I do that.

She got off me and went back to sucking my cock. As she sucked, I began to work her ass again, holding her close with one hand while spanking her with the other hand. TW actually came as I spanked her and she sucked my cock. No clit stimulation or penetration necessary.

She then asked me how I wanted to cum on her. Well, we haven’t titty fucked in a long time, at least to completion, so I had her scoot up toward the headboard, straddled her torso and began to titty fuck her. Whenever my cock head would get close to her lips, TW would lick it. I picked up the pace and TW was pushing her titties together. This all became too much for me and I left a large load on her face and neck and upper chest.

When the first spurt landed on her, TW let out a low,Ā gutturalĀ moan. The second shot landed in her open mouth. The rest was spread around by my thrusting cock, as I continued my titty fucking. TW was licking up as much cum as she could and then, I pushed my cock into her mouth and fucked her face. She had another strong orgasm as I fucked her face before we cleaned ourselves up.

Great start to the weekend. We have Monday off as well. Should be an awesome weekend!