Do You Hear What I Hear…..

Did you hear it? The screaming, the moaning, the tears of joy, the grunts and groans of lovers fucking themselves silly? No? Damn, I’m sure someone HAD TO have heard us, TW especially. Boy, can that girl scream!

We had an AWESOME session last night that featured plenty of face sitting, 69, ass slapping and CG. It started off slowly with me massaging TW into a sleepy stupor. She still had the sense to offer up her pussy to my waiting lips and we were off. Once my lips touched her’s, TW was brought back to reality. I love eating her and she loves when I do it.

As I worked her cunt with my tongue, TW moved into 69 position and started to suck my dick. We lay side by side, eating each other out while my hands roamed her ass and back. I had her get on top of me, still in 69, and began to spank her ass. I thought about slipping my thumb in her asshole (haven’t done that in a long time) but opted instead to thumb fuck her cunt, paying special attention to her G-spot. Good, no GREAT decision. TW’s orgasms ratcheted up several notches and I got a face full of pussy juice.

As my thumb worked it’s magic, TW’s mouth was working magic of its own on my cock. She had me hard in no time, deep throating me and playing with my balls. When she couldn’t take any more of my tongue on her clit, she mounted up CG style and fucked me hard and deep. Her tits bounced around and I had fun trying to capture them with my lips. I pinched and pulled on her nips while she wiggled her hips and pushed herself down on my cock.  Her moans and screams reached a crescendo and she collapsed on the bed next to me. I massaged her some more, before we both quickly fell asleep, cuddled in one another’s arms.

This morning, TW was treated to a vigorous Spoon session. I awoke with her hand wrapped around my morning hardon. She quickly assumed the position and we fucked like wild animals. TW again screamed out her orgasms as I fucked her hard and fast. I would withdraw my cock until just the tip of the head was resting against her pussy lips, then I’d drive it home. I quickened the pace and TW responded by burying her head in her pillow and wailing.

Her body went rigid as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I was holding on to her shoulders and pulling her down on my cock. TW babbled incoherently and came like a woman possessed. I didn’t even have to pull her hair to get the desired orgasm intensity I was looking for, as TW came violently and loudly. Unfortunately, we both had to get ready for work so we couldn’t spend the morning in bed and fuck.

Maybe tomorrow morning.

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