A Quick Funny Tale

TW and I are having some down time right now. She’s in a lot of pain due to her back issues. Not that it stops her from getting her pussy licked on a regular basis, but it makes it quite uncomfortable to fuck. In addition to that, work is kicking both of our asses pretty regularly lately, so, by the time we’re ready for bed, we’re too pooped to pop. It’s okay though, think of all the energy we’re saving up! 😉

I forgot to tell you all a funny little story that happened a few weeks back. YS is dating a very sweet girl and sometimes, she spends the night at our house. Sometimes, she’ll stay around after YS had gone to work and then head for home. One of the times she was leaving, I walked her out to the garage to see her off. She was carrying an overnight bag. One of my neighbors was walking her dog past our driveway at that moment. I didn’t think anything of it, since I was headed back into the house, but then I remembered something I had to tell YS’s girlfriend. When I walked back out, I saw my neighbor and said, “Hi!” (BTW, this neighbor has a killer ass) She looked at me funny before continuing on her way.

It wasn’t until I got back into the house that I realized she must have thought I was having an affair!  TW was still in the house, but YS’s car was gone from the garage and it was just me and his girlfriend outside. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When I told TW about it, she found it quite hilarious as well.

I wonder if my “Court Cred” has gone up since that incident. I sure hope so!

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