A Little CG, A Little Spoon, A LOT Of Fun!

We had a very nice, very orgasmic wake up session this morning. TW let me sleep in a bit. She came to wake me up and, after getting naked and climbing into bed, found me semi-hard. A little tongue work on her behalf and we were off and running.

After getting me nice and hard, TW mounted up CG style. We fucked nice and slow with her bouncing and grinding her way to several strong orgasms. I was busy slapping her ass and sucking on her titties as she came on my cock. We then moved on to Spoon and I fucked TW hard and fast from behind, making her cum several more times before we started our day.

She went and got her hair cut today. She got it cut short. In fact, her and Z could be sisters! Wait, no, they ARE sisters! Anyway, when I told TW that, she just told me I could now imagine it’s Z in bed with me.

Have I told you I LOVE this woman? 🙂