Hey! Wanna Go Cruisin’?


Just finished reading about Carnival Cruise’s latest nightmare. 1 ship stuck in port and another limping home due to “propulsion” problems. Add these two issues to the overflowing toilet cruise and you have a PR shit storm. A veritable hurricane of a shit storm if you will.

TW and I took a cruise for our honeymoon. It was very nice and there were no issues with the ship. I would have said boat but our cruise director, on the first night, told us we were on a ship. You use a boat to get off the ship. 😉 I think they’ve made these ships too damn big. Yeah, I know, I sound like an old man, “Stay off my grass you punk kids!” It’s either that or there’s some major sabotage going on. Crazy!

Anyway, back to our cruise. We had a great time. Back then, one of the stops was Puerta Plata in the Dominican Republic. Very friendly people and beautiful scenery. The only disconcerting sight were the soldiers with M-1 carbines guarding the power plant and just casually strolling around the town. Not that it disturbed my fantasy of TW being taken hostage and used for sexual play. Of course, this is going back almost 30 years. I’ve seen pics of the town now and it’s very upscale. At the time, we were one of the few ships that could dock there.

Looking back at the pictures we took, WE WERE SKINNY FUCKS! I tell people these days that I’m twice the man I used to be. Literally. 😛 TW is now comfortably padded and her hip bones don’t dig into me like they once did. No, I’m definitely NOT complaining. I love the way she’s developed over the years. In fact, I can’t keep my hands off her. Not that SHE’S complaining. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hey! Wanna Go Cruisin’?

  1. Cruise ships used to be registered in the United States and subject to U.S. maintenance and repair standards. Now they are registered in whatever country is the cheapest so it’s up to the operators to keep them fir for service. And they in these days of profits at any cost, they sometimes cut too many corners.

    P.S. We’re both completely stuck in a time warp. Depending on the day, The Wife and I both weigh slightly less than we did when we first got married. It’s the non-big (or in my case, non-existent) hair that are the main difference from those days.

  2. Lol……..
    We depart in just over a week. Not on Carnival, so we have that in our favor….
    There’s still time for you and TW to get on board… Come on, live dangerously and go on a cruise…maybe there will be some balcony sex going on. You never know

    • We’re saving our money and vacation time for later in the year. We’ll hit 30 blissful, sexful years of marriage this year. I’m hoping TW wins a trip to a nudist colony. If not, then we’re gonna have to search one out. Always wanted to go, just never made it. 🙂

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