Wakeup Call

Man, did we have a sex session this morning! Woo Wee!

TW came to wake me up and got there just in time to partake of my morning hardon. And partake she did!

We started off CG style, with TW coming on my cock and screaming out her orgasms. YS was at work, so she was able to wail away. Her pussy was soaked to start with and when I latched on to a nipple, it gushed all over my cock and balls.

After fucking CG style for a while, TW got off and spread her legs, offering pussy for breakfast. I had to use the bathroom, but when I got back, I found TW playing with her pussy and clit. I immediately dove down and began to lick her to orgasms that were so strong that she almost popped my head off my neck! I love it when I can make her cum so hard she just about gives me a concussion with her thighs.

After getting my breakfast, I moved up and began to tease her clit with my cock, rubbing it across her slippery pussy lips. TW came from the stimulation and when I finally drove my dick into her pussy, it was screaming time again. Her pussy was overstimulating my cock so I withdrew and got back down on my knees to feast on her well lubed cunt.

TW finally had to push me away as her clit became oversensitive. I spooned her and easily pushed my cock back into her pussy. As I fucked her, I asked her if she wanted to swallow or wear my cum. She chose to wear it.

I had her get down on the floor and pushed my cock into her waiting mouth. DAMN! I cannot get enough of her lips on my dick. I told her she was such a great cock sucker that I should loan her out for money. She moaned around my cock as she worked it in and out of her mouth.

I quickly withdrew and said, “See, I’m gonna cum already!

TW opened her mouth and I jerked a load out over her face and tits. It was a nice big load and TW moaned as each spurt hit her skin. After emptying my balls on her face and tits, I grabbed a towel and cleaned us both off. We got back into bed and TW quickly fell asleep. I left her sleeping there as I headed down to the kitchen for some coffee.

What a way to start the day!