You Have Bats In Your Belfry

We either had Dracula or Batman in our house last night.

A small bat decided to visit us. I at first thought it was a mouse, or even a rat. YIKES! I first heard it hopping in the kitchen ceiling. By the end of the night, it had worked it’s way down to the basement. YS woke me up to say he heard a mouse running across the basement ceiling. When I got down there, it was that same hopping noise.

We opened a couple of ceiling panels and even tried putting a tray of peanut butter in a box to see if we could lure the creature into the box. It was very stubborn. It would come up to the edge of the box but then hop away. In our defense, we did think it was a mouse, at the time, so the peanut butter seemed a natural lure. After about 45 mins of trying to lure it into the box, it fell into a closet. YS was like, “What was that?” I told him I think the thing fell into the closet.

Sure enough, a small head appeared below the door, followed by WINGS!

“Holy Crap! It’s a bat!”

We chased it around the floor for a few minutes before finally getting it into one of the boxes. I’m hoping the thing was just really tired from hopping around in our ceilings all night and not rabid. It was having a tough time flying but otherwise seemed normal. It sure did make a lot of noise whenever we tried to get it in the boxes. We took it outside and released it. I like bats, they eat mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insects so there was NO WAY I was gonna kill it.  YS said it finally went into one of the bushes outside the house.

Hopefully he or she is back home and sleeping off their adventure in the MD House Of Horrors/Fun House! 😛