Mmm, Now, That’s TASTY!

Got my first pussy licking done in almost 2 weeks! First, TW had her procedure, so we had to hold off for a few days to let things settle down in her lower back. Then, her period arrived, and it decided to hang around the full seven days, WTF?

But, last night, oh, last night I got to dive between my honey’s legs and make her orgasm on my face. And it was GOOD!

The Votes Are In

Thanks to those of you who expressed your views in the comments section, TW and I appreciate it.

We will keep blogging our Over 40 (now 50) Married Sex exploits. Things have settled down at home and in my head. The voices are quieter now that the full moon has passed. I’ve updated my Moon Phase app and it will now give me 3 days warning on my I-Pad and two days warning on my I-Phone. Naturally, it will howl as a warning. I couldn’t have it any other way. 😉

May is coming up and you all know what that means. That’s right, it’s National Masturbation Month! TW and I will be doing our part to celebrate. We encourage you to do the same! In tribute to one of my favorite retired bloggers, California Mike (  , I plan on masturbating every day in the month of May. This means, of course, that TW will either be swallowing or wearing a lot of cum during the month. I’m sure she won’t mind. Hell, we might even get some good pics out of it.  😀

Speaking of TW, she’s making a slow recovery. I think things are slower this time out due to the fact that she’s working now and can’t rest like she did the last time. It’s all good though, she’s coming off her period hot and horny, and has requested I give her a good spanking. Oh HELL YEAH! She might even find herself tied up AND spanked. I’m sure she’d like that as well.

Thanks again for the comments, and thanks for putting up with my mental shit. It ain’t easy living in my head these days.

To Blog, Or Not To Blog. That IS The Question

Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. Due to travel on the weekends for CG’s season and TW having another procedure on her back, we haven’t had time to write or sex it up much. Last Thursday, TW had another cyst, which was pressing against her spinal cord, burst. It was a success and has provided much needed relief from her shooting pain and weakness. That MoFo had grown to be 1 cm in diameter. Go ahead, take out a ruler, we’ll wait…………………….see what 1 cm looks like? Now, imagine that INSIDE your spinal canal, pressing against the bundle of nerves that is your spinal cord. FUCKING INSANE! Thankfully, we had no issues with the insurance company this time.

Other than than, life has just been generally kicking our asses lately. TW said something this weekend that kind of caused me to pause a bit. We were discussing our plans for our 30th wedding anniversary this year. She said we should plan to go somewhere where we can do things since we won’t be having sex all the time. Wait, WHAT? OMG! We’ve fucking reached that part of our lives? Fuuuuuuuuuck!  I have noticed a continued decline in her willingness to flash these days. “The truckers don’t look. I’m just wasting my time” are the two biggest responses I get these days. Also, she’s less likely to wear clothes that make it easier to flash as well. I know a lot of it has to do with the pain from her back issues, but I get the sense she doesn’t want to do it anymore. It’s like the swinging attempts, half-hearted, and done just to please me. There’s no doubt I enjoy it, but I definitely enjoy it less if she’s not into it.

So, now comes the tough part, do we continue to write the blog. I know I’m dealing with some serious depression issues, what with the bombing in Boston and the explosion in Texas and just the regular day to day bullshit that happens in my life. Readership is definitely down (due in no small part to my closing/re-opening/closing/renaming the blog a few times) and comments are virtually non-existent (even from the regulars) these days. Well, except for the Spam-O-Rama Ding-Dongs.

So, here’s what I ask. Use the comments to either let us know to continue on, or let us know it’s time for us to disappear from the  internet tubes. I really don’t expect a whole lot of responses, but then, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprise. We’ll take every response into consideration. You’ve got a week or so.

It’s your time to shine! 🙂

A Little Of This, Some Of That

CG’s spring season has been condensed into 4 weekends of travel and conference play. This past weekend was the first weekend of fun as TW and I drove 10+ hours one way to see her play. Naturally, we got in some good old fashioned Hot Hotel Sex, along with lots of car time. Unfortunately, TW was unable to flash any truck drivers. Her back troubles have come back BIG time. We saw the doctor yesterday and they’re going to try to burst the cyst pressing against her spinal cord. One of the doctors said it was pretty gross (I’m thinking size wise) and that she’s very close to going over to the dark side of pain and movement restriction. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fit her in before our next road trip two weeks from now.

I had the most wonderful dream this morning. Z, TW’s youngest sister and I were fucking our brains out. I was suckling on her wonderful tits, eating her pussy and fucking her every which way. She was overly, aggressively into it and I almost had a wet dream. Luckily I didn’t though, as it appears I was fucking a body pillow in my sleep. The dream was so damn real! Stupid brain, haven’t you learned you need to let go. We’re OVER the SILs, don’t you remember? Guess not.

Looks like TW will be the lucky, and willing, recipient of my load of cum.