“Those Soft Fuzzy Sweaters…”

“Too magical to touch….”

Great lyrics to a great song, and also the reason I’m being VERY careful not to say anything or infer anything to “S” today. The bosses are in and she’s dressed to thrill. Tight blue jeans (it’s casual day) and a wonderfully, fuzzy, angora top. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I really, Really, REALLY want to touch her tits through that sexy top.

But, I know better. She’s the cock tease of the firm, at least for me. Last time the bosses were in, she wore a deep cut top that allowed me a wonderful view of most of her small breasts. OH JOY!  Although I still am subject to her charms, I’m way more careful about saying or e-mailing anything. I work my hardest to keep it professional. Oh, I still fantasize about tieing her sexy ass up and fucking the shit out of her, but now I keep it inside my head. I’m that way with the SILs now too. I’m just gonna die unfulfilled on this fantasy.

I’m learning to live with it