A Little Of This, Some Of That

CG’s spring season has been condensed into 4 weekends of travel and conference play. This past weekend was the first weekend of fun as TW and I drove 10+ hours one way to see her play. Naturally, we got in some good old fashioned Hot Hotel Sex, along with lots of car time. Unfortunately, TW was unable to flash any truck drivers. Her back troubles have come back BIG time. We saw the doctor yesterday and they’re going to try to burst the cyst pressing against her spinal cord. One of the doctors said it was pretty gross (I’m thinking size wise) and that she’s very close to going over to the dark side of pain and movement restriction. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fit her in before our next road trip two weeks from now.

I had the most wonderful dream this morning. Z, TW’s youngest sister and I were fucking our brains out. I was suckling on her wonderful tits, eating her pussy and fucking her every which way. She was overly, aggressively into it and I almost had a wet dream. Luckily I didn’t though, as it appears I was fucking a body pillow in my sleep. The dream was so damn real! Stupid brain, haven’t you learned you need to let go. We’re OVER the SILs, don’t you remember? Guess not.

Looks like TW will be the lucky, and willing, recipient of my load of cum.

One thought on “A Little Of This, Some Of That

  1. so sorry about TW’s back…sounds really ….yucky, not to mention, painful. AS to the wet dream? I’ve had a few myself (yup, girls get them too) of late. Must be the spring air. 🙂


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