Wait, We’re Starting Now? Hold On….

Okay, I haven’t masturbated today but, in my defense, TW did fuck me to the point of no return and I came in her mouth. That counts, right?

We got in a nice CG style fucking and TW’s magic hips pushed me over the edge. She went right down on me and swallowed it all. What a gal!

So, do I still have to masturbate later today?

Oh, and I almost forgot, we’ll be home alone the next couple of nights. I don’t really think I’ll be getting much masturbation in, unless it’s me masturbating TW to powerful, scream out loud, thrash about the bed and give Mr. MD court cred, orgasms. Of course, I could have her masturbate while I give her the spanking she’s been asking for, while she’s handcuffed.

That should count too. Yes?

One thought on “Wait, We’re Starting Now? Hold On….

  1. okay, that’s just mean. You’re getting it alllllll…fucking, sucking, and giving lots of orgasms? I sure wish I lived next door to you two. 🙂


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