W O W!

Holy crap! What a hot weekend we had. It was filled with sex, see thru tops, more sex, spanking, oral, sex, more oral, more spanking, bondage; whew, I’m tired just remembering it.

After Saturday’s morning session, we had a pretty quiet day. TW wore a nice see-thru top all day so I was treated to her spectacular rack all day long. SWEET!


I did get her to sleep with a rousing oral session to end our day.

Sunday, TW once again woke me up with a blow job and once again, she got to swallow my load at the end of our session. After getting me hard, TW mounted up CG style and off we went. She got flogged this time as I fucked her sloppy cunt. Soon, her hips worked their magic and I came hard. TW swallowed it all and we actually got back to sleep for a while.

She wore the pink see thru top again, for my viewing pleasure, and trust me, I took plenty of long looks at her tits.

Later on Sunday, we got in a little bondage/spanking session. I cuffed TW’s hands in front of her and had her lie face first on the bed. I allowed her to masturbate as I flogged and spanked her ass. I used the flogger, a wooden spoon and a leather paddle to get her ass cheeks nice and red.

After treating her to her spanking, TW asked me to check on one of her toys. She said it wasn’t working right.  I reached into the headboard and retrieved her rabbit vibe. She said it wasn’t changing speeds. I turned it on and made sure things were working correctly. I didn’t have a problem with it but figured, as long as TW’s on her back, legs splayed wide, why not give it a live test?

TW moaned as I pushed the the vibe into her soaking pussy. As soon as the rabbit ears hit her clit, she exploded in orgasm. She screamed into her pillow as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I worked the buttons on the base of the vibe, causing the rabbit ears to buzz her clit unmercifully. I’m sure the rotating shaft added to her pleasure, but it was my tongue that did the most damage.

As soon as I put my tongue between those vibrating rabbit ears, TW levitated off the bed. Her legs wrapped tightly around my head and her pussy gushed on my face. FUCK YEAH! That was it for her though. She finally pushed me away and sobbed softly as her body came down from its orgasmic high.

Bedtime consisted of a nice body massage for TW. We both fell asleep rather quickly.


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  1. wow indeed…that’s one fucking hawt weekend…I’m a bit green with envy (that’s okay, green looks good on redheads!)… *grins* LOVE TW’s shirt…she does indeed have an impressively gorgeous boobage!


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