Memories, Can Be Beautiful And Yet…

Well, no “and yet” for us. TW and I celebrated the 33rd anniversary of her senior prom night this morning with a re-enactment of her riding me CG style in her parents living room so many years ago. She even wore the same dress she did that night! It didn’t quite close in the back but her big ol’ titties sure did look nice. Back then, she was a B-cup. These days she’s a  large C,  small D. Here’s to having babies and breastfeeding! WOO HOO!

Speaking of breastfeeding, a couple of the ladies here at work are currently pumping milk during the day. I’d really like to ask them to let me watch, as both of them have VERY healthy breasts. Not exceptionally large but very pleasant to look at. I’ll have to add that to a new blog I’m thinking of writing, “Things I’d Like To Say, But Probably Shouldn’t”

The past few days TW and I have had some nice morning sessions. She’s been getting a thorough pussy licking at night, including 69, but the mornings are so much better. Mr. Happy is VERY HAPPY INDEED, as TW has shown renewed interest in sucking and licking him daily. Hell, we even got in a light spanking session yesterday morning. Good way to start the day.

The SILs have been on my mind lately. X and I had a great makeout session the other night, in my dreams, of course! No nudity, we were just kissing but it was HOT and I awoke with a raging hardon, which TW put to good use. We spent a day at Z’s house and I’ve discovered she’s a raging BITCH! The chick really needs to get laid as she was stressed out and yelling at her kids. What a hot mess. Too bad her hubby doesn’t seem all that interested in fulfilling his husbandly duties. I’d offer, but I’m tired of being rejected all the time. Let her fucking suffer.You’d think she’d as least give herself some release. It is, after all, National Masturbation Month.

4 thoughts on “Memories, Can Be Beautiful And Yet…

    • Damn it! No, no special significance, we celebrate ALL our anniversaries. Yeah, we’re weird that way. Oh, and thanks for the heads up. It’s actually been 33 years since her prom. We’re gonna be married 30 years this year.

  1. “Things I’d Like To Say, But Probably Shouldn’t”
    That is really funny. I can relate for sure, as there’s a lot of stuff I’m thinking but could never say.

    Sounds like Z needs a good spanking

    • LMAO, yeah, Z, and X too, could probably use a healthy dose of bondage and spanking therapy. It would be good for them to relinquish control for a while. Of course, that WOULD include a ball gag as well. 😀

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