Just Not Feeling It Right Now

Don’t know how much updating I’ll be doing in the near future. I am angry. In fact I’m so angry that I gave myself two bitchin’ blisters on my feet by doing an ANGRY POWER WALK last night instead of talking to my gutless son. I’m also kinda pissed that TW didn’t say anything when my cunt of a DIL said, “Well, we couldn’t keep saying no forever” The time to confront the bitch had passed by the time I found out. The way I feel right now, my son is DEAD to me. It’s not a decision that comes lightly, but I really must cut things out of my life that make me so angry. I worked that walk hard last night, hoping to have a fatal heart attack. Haven’t felt this way in a long time. The scary part is that it feels natural.


2 thoughts on “Just Not Feeling It Right Now

  1. I sense you’ll shrug off sympathy, but I *am* sorry. No one can hurt us deeper than family. Sounds like you need time to grieve…but you and I both know that TW would be lost without you. Hoping you don’t let this blow be “fatal” for you, in any way…you have other people in your life counting on you, notably your very horny wife.

    sending caring…


  2. Hang on for the sake of your grandson. Young people can be pretty stupid. I know I had some bad days as a young husband. Talk to your son, be direct and honest. Don’t argue or debate. Say your peace to him and make him think about it for a day or so before he responds. He and his hormonally altered wife/baby mama need to know you won’t stand for poor treatment. And reach out to her parents too.

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