Here’s Cum In Your Eye

It’s been a pretty sextastic weekend here at the MD household. After waking up at 5:15 A.M. for most of the week, for workouts, TW let me sleep in this weekend. She has a unique way of waking me up. With HMS. Very HOT HMS.

Saturday’s session featured a first time ending. I shot TW in the eye with cum. First time ever. Sorry honey.


Luckily, unlike Carol, I didn’t blind my baby. She did have a bloodshot eye for most of the day however. I blame the angle of attack. She was lying back with her head propped up. How was I to know my cum would blast out with such force? Anyway, it was only one shot, the rest landed on/in her mouth and on her tits. It was a pretty awesome load I must say. Nice start to the day.

This morning featured more HMS, with TW riding me CG style, RCG style and taking me from behind Spoon style. We even got in some 69 as well. No cum shot today though, still, it was an awesome way to wake up.


Horny? Of Course I’m Horny!

Interesting things have developed since I’ve started working out in the mornings. I’m horny. I’m sure it’s just a surge in testosterone since I am doing weight workouts. Things will eventually even out but I’m enjoying the feeling of being a teenager again. I’m not doing anything crazy insane heavy, just quick 20-25 minute workouts, more reps than heavy lifting.

Unfortunately, the feeling doesn’t quite last all day and by the time we hit the hay, all I’m good for is a rub down and a quick pussy licking. I’m sure that will even out as well when my body gets adjusted to farmer’s get up time. 😉

I would expect to see more sex related stuff at the Shit I’d Like To Say blog for the next few weeks as my body handles the uptick in testosterone.  Z is headed off with her family to the Caribbean for a week. I’ll be busy fantasizing about receiving topless and nude pics of her, from her, along with pics of her sucking on a nice, thick, BBC. I’d love to see one or two stretch her pussy as well. The term Cum Dumpster comes to mind. Unfortunately, it’s all in my head. She’d NEVER do it. 😦

See, feeling (and thinking) like a teenager again.


Ah, The Good Old Days

So, I started a new workout routine this week. I get up about a half hour earlier than usual (which actually translates to about an hour earlier, since I didn’t hit the snooze button) and do a 20 minute weight workout. Like I said, first day today, but I feel pretty good so I’m hoping it’ll stick.

Anyway, after finishing the workout, and before heading up to shower, I turned on the TV and did some channel surfing. I came across a movie from the mid 80’s, called “Hardbodies.” It was your typical 80’s sex schlock movie, not x-rated, but r-rated, teen sex romp. I came in at the point where there’s three or four different sex sessions going on. They all featured late teen girls fucking around with older guys (check out IMDB if you want the thrilling plot summary) The part that hit me was that all the girls in the various sex scenes had small to medium breasts. No C or D or DD on any of them. It turned me on! Not hardon turned on, but has had me thinking of all the ladies I’ve known over the years that had those sweet, small titties (including TW, who had a b-cup when we first started dating)

Needless to say, it’s been a good day mentally so far.

Super Moon. What Super Moon?

Evidently, having TW fuck my brains out this weekend took care of any Full Moon Fever that may have been trying to rear its ugly head. After draining my balls on Saturday morning with a full on CG, Spoon, Spanking session, the voices in my head took a nice long nap for the rest of the weekend. 😉

That Saturday session was followed up with another orgasmic CG, Spoon session on Sunday morning. I didn’t cum, but TW sure as hell did. We finished the weekend with my orally pleasuring TW to sleep.


Kitty Lickin’ Good

Do you want pussy?”

Now, THAT’S a stupid question! Of course I want pussy.

And, that’s exactly what I got. A faceful of my honey’s cunt. I licked and lapped and sucked and nipped on her delicious pussy until she had to push me away. Oh my love had the most wonderfully powerful orgasms. Put her to sleep almost immediately after I was done. 🙂

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!