Sure Is Quiet Around Here

TW and I have been bucking the odds lately and I’m pushing the danger envelope by going down on my honey as often as possible.

Yeah, I know, I’m a rebel.


I grew up across the street from a manufacturing district, where I’m sure I inhaled enough cancer causing fumes to kill a city the size of New York. FUCK CANCER! I ain’t afraid.  In fact, since I have such a strong death wish, I WELCOME IT. Bring it on!

Seriously though, TW has been treated to several days of sheet grabbing, head squeezing, nipple twisting, oral sessions lately. Neither one of us is complaining. In fact, the other night, she played bongos on my head while she came. What a gal!

I love every last aspect of it. From the fragrance to the texture to the taste, I LOVE IT ALL! Give me more! In fact, I think I’ll ask her to keep her panties on so we can relive the early dating days. Boy, did I love to make her cum by sucking her through her panties. She seemed to enjoy it as well, because she soaked her panties through. NICE!

FUCK CANCER! I’m gonna eat my honey till the day I die!



One thought on “Sure Is Quiet Around Here

  1. there isn’t much evidence to suggest that eating your honey will cause cancer. It can be a factor if she has an std, but otherwise? I’m of the opinion that we’re meant to share our juicy bits!


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