Don’t Mind If I Do

TW got a nice massage and pussy licking last night. It was a nice end to a stressful day. I’ve been in a funk since the “incident” with OS. As much as I try to let it go, it digs itself in and bothers the fuck out of me. ASSHOLE!

Father’s Day weekend was nice. TW blew me to completion both Saturday and Sunday, swallowing all I had to give. We got in a nice CG session Sunday morning, courtesy of the Softcup. No muss, no fuss, and plenty of orgasms for TW! YAY!

Hopefully our summer allergies will quit kicking our asses and we can get back to nasty, HMS. We have a weekend planned for our 30th wedding anniversary this year. Needless to say, there will be plenty of HHMS to be had. I’m sure there’ll be some bondage and some spanking, and plenty of cum wearing. Yeah, I’m pretty darn sure of that. 🙂 Probably some pics as well.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Mind If I Do

  1. okay, so the “softcup” needs more data to it…as I am totally clueless. 🙂 Allergies have kicked my butt too, but after much rain this last week or two, the air is clean (won’t last but today its nice!)

    Sounds like you have your anniversary plans…well in hand … 🙂


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