Ah, The Good Old Days

So, I started a new workout routine this week. I get up about a half hour earlier than usual (which actually translates to about an hour earlier, since I didn’t hit the snooze button) and do a 20 minute weight workout. Like I said, first day today, but I feel pretty good so I’m hoping it’ll stick.

Anyway, after finishing the workout, and before heading up to shower, I turned on the TV and did some channel surfing. I came across a movie from the mid 80’s, called “Hardbodies.” It was your typical 80’s sex schlock movie, not x-rated, but r-rated, teen sex romp. I came in at the point where there’s three or four different sex sessions going on. They all featured late teen girls fucking around with older guys (check out IMDB if you want the thrilling plot summary) The part that hit me was that all the girls in the various sex scenes had small to medium breasts. No C or D or DD on any of them. It turned me on! Not hardon turned on, but has had me thinking of all the ladies I’ve known over the years that had those sweet, small titties (including TW, who had a b-cup when we first started dating)

Needless to say, it’s been a good day mentally so far.