Here’s Cum In Your Eye

It’s been a pretty sextastic weekend here at the MD household. After waking up at 5:15 A.M. for most of the week, for workouts, TW let me sleep in this weekend. She has a unique way of waking me up. With HMS. Very HOT HMS.

Saturday’s session featured a first time ending. I shot TW in the eye with cum. First time ever. Sorry honey.


Luckily, unlike Carol, I didn’t blind my baby. She did have a bloodshot eye for most of the day however. I blame the angle of attack. She was lying back with her head propped up. How was I to know my cum would blast out with such force? Anyway, it was only one shot, the rest landed on/in her mouth and on her tits. It was a pretty awesome load I must say. Nice start to the day.

This morning featured more HMS, with TW riding me CG style, RCG style and taking me from behind Spoon style. We even got in some 69 as well. No cum shot today though, still, it was an awesome way to wake up.


2 thoughts on “Here’s Cum In Your Eye

  1. Will we be seeing pictures with TW wearing safety glasses from now on?…
    Be careful there MD…

    • We have to find a pair that looks “cool” and not like she’s working the construction site. Although she would look good in a tool belt. 😉

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