Stay For The Surprise Ending

We had quite the surprise ending to our night last night.

After having ate my honey to several strong orgasms, we settled down and got ready to sleep. TW had to have the last say though and dove down to suck my cock. Well, since she is a cock loving slut, she kept at my dick and soon I was hard as a rock.

TW wasn’t letting that go to waste, so she moved up into CG position. Before we got down to fucking though, TW slid her sloppy cunt across my shaft. She had an intense orgasm almost immediately. When I sat up and sucked a nipple into my mouth, she screamed and I felt her pussy gush. SWEET!

She then reached down and pushed my dick into her pussy. I easily slid deep into her hole and began to thrust fast and hard. She came on my cock like crazy, slamming her pussy down on my cock again and again. I assaulted her nipples again, squeezing them together and taking them into my mouth. I nipped and bit on her sweet nips, as she screamed again in orgasm.

I felt that familiar feeling in my nut sack, signaling my impending orgasm. I warned TW to get off and she quickly took me in her mouth. I think she was trying to get into 69, but I stopped her. As I emptied my cum into her  hungry mouth, I spanked her sexy ass, causing her to cum again, humming around my cock, as she swallowed my load.

What an end to an exhausting day!

Leaves us hungry for more.

Spectacular Saturday Sex Sessions

HOLY CRAP! We’ve had a totally awesome, sex filled Saturday.

It all started earlier today when TW came to wake me up. She did one hell of a job I must say. She began with a wonderful blow job that had me hard in to time. She quickly mounted up and slid her sloppy cunt across my shaft. She teased herself for a bit before getting aligned and sinking down on my shaft. We were off.

TW had a lot of fun, getting off several times while riding my dick. I think it had a lot to do with the spanking she was getting. TW  then moved off me and offered up her pussy for some oral. I teased her a bit before diving in for the main meal. She came like a woman possessed, thrashing about the bed, locking my head between her thighs and slapping the top of my head.

TW then decided to ride me RCG. Well, as she fucked herself on my cock, I took the opportunity to redden her ass a bit. Each slap of my hand made TW moan in desire. By the time she was done riding me, her ass was warm and red.

She asked for my dick in her mouth so we got into 69. As I ate her, I had easy access to her ass. By the time we were finished with 69, TW’s ass was red hot and my hands stung. With each thwack on her ass, TW’s pussy would cream. By the time we were finished, we were both so exhausted we fell asleep, my cock in TW’s mouth.

Later, TW was singing to herself, a little ditty about how she likes to sit on my face. Well, I got down on the floor and she got down and sat on my face. YAY! Later, as we were waiting for dinner to finish, I got the chance to bury my face between her legs again and make her cum.

I’m gonna make an assumption and say that we’re gonna fuck again before heading off to dreamland. All courtesy of TW’s wacky pre-menopausal cycle. She was due to get her period on Monday but it’s held off so far.


Bring On The Fireworks!

How was your Independence Day holiday? We fucked and sucked just about every day over the long holiday weekend. Sometimes, twice in a day! This workout regime I’ve started is really making me horny. Since TW’s period is due soon, she’s been in sexual overdrive as well, showing me her tits and pussy any chance she gets. HOT, HOT, HOT!

TW rode me CG style just about every day, and I had my face buried between her sexy thighs just about every day as well. We covered all the bases, Missionary, Doggy, CG, RCG, Spoon, 69, Spanking and lots of cum sprayed on her tits. Luckily, no shots to her eye this weekend. She even got a thumb up her ass while we were 69’ing. It absolutely made her orgasm intensity ratchet up 100%  She almost bit my cock. 😛

We experimented with orgasm denial, although that might not be the phrase I’m looking for. Basically, after taking a shower, I found TW on the bed, reading a Penthouse Letters book, masturbating. I quickly got between her legs and asked her if she had cum yet. She told me no, so I quickly got down to business, flicking my tongue across her clit. Just as she was going to cum, I stopped.

She groaned in frustration, so I began to tongue her again. Once again, right before she came, I stopped. I continued to do this for 5-10 minutes, driving TW to the edge of orgasm and then stopping. When I finally did let her cum, HOLY SHIT! She screamed into her pillow, her legs were tightly wrapped around my head and her pussy gushed all over my face. Definitely gonna have to do this more often. When we were first dating, before I got my tongue in her cunt, I used to eat her through her panties. This never failed to make TW thrash around the bed and beg for more. Yeah, definitely gonna have to delay her orgasms more often. I said next time, we’ll have to tie her up. She said that’s what she was fantasizing about while I was teasing her. What a gal!

We may have discovered a new spanking tool as well. TW went shopping and bought some extra long Twizzlers. The first thing she did when she showed them to me was smile and spank her ass with the bag. Later, after we had opened the bag, TW had me spank her with one of the Twizzlers. I thought it might hurt but she said it was fine. Will have to take a bag with us on our anniversary trip. 🙂 Oh, and yes, the other various toys will be coming along as well. 😀 Thankfully, we’re heading to an over 21 only resort. No little kids running around. YAY US! Hopefully, the rooms are soundproofed. I’m going to have make sure she’s pantiless as much as possible during the trip. Oh, and lots of skirts and dresses. 😛