Quickly, Before The Kids Get Home!

Hot on the heels of our morning sex sessions, TW and I got in a quick, fuck me from behind, spank me while doing so, and then, make me gag on your cum, sex session. YS was working and CG had gone out shopping so TW suggested we get busy before CG returned. She got down on her knees and sucked my cock, getting me hard fairly quickly. We had been teasing one another all day long, so it was no surprise I got hard so quickly.

After getting me hard, TW leaned over the couch and said, “TAKE ME!”

Well, who am I to refuse a lady’s order? I got behind her and pushed my cock into her slippery pussy. It seems both of us are horny as hell lately. I easily slid in and began to pump her hard and fast. I got into a nice rhythm, so I figured I’d give her a spanking as well. By the time I was finished, her ass was nice and red, with hand prints easily visible on each cheek.

After giving her her spanking, I reached up and grabbed her by her pony tail. TW growled in response so I added my hand on top of her head. I pulled her  head back by her hair and felt her pussy gush.

“You like being forced don’t you slut?”

TW responded by pushing her hips back and coming.

“Yeah, I thought so slut.  I have an idea, get down on your knees and take my cock into your hot mouth. I feel the need to cum.”

TW quickly got down on her knees and took my dick into her mouth.

“Oh, such a good cock sucking slut. Your mouth was made for my cock, you know that right, Bitch?”

TW moaned around my cock and sucked me harder.

“Yeah, just like that cunt. I love fucking your face my horny, sexy slut.”

I grabbed two fistfuls of hair and started to pump faster.

“Oh such a good cock sucking slut. You love being used don’t you?”

TW mewled around my cock as I roughly fucked her face.

“Here it comes slut, drink it all!”

I moaned as I emptied my load into her willing throat. The first shot must have had some heat behind it as I heard TW gag. I held her head firm and continued to spew my sperm into her mouth. I think some backed up into her nose as well, but, like the true cum catcher slut she is, she didn’t stop swallowing until I had finished spurting.

I let go of her hair and let her gently tongue my cock and balls.

“Damn that was hot baby,” I said, as I helped her to her feet.

“You almost killed me there with that first shot.”

I hugged her tightly before we got dressed and went back to our routine.

Last night, TW got a nice rubdown and a quick pussy licking before we both headed off to dreamland.

This morning, I licked TW to several orgasms before heading off to work,. I left her asleep on the bed, legs spread wide. What a sight!

4 thoughts on “Quickly, Before The Kids Get Home!

  1. Damn, I love hearing your stories. Our 29 year old daughter has divorced and moved home. Cuts into our full time nudist mode. On the other hand we learn way to much about her new sex life. Tonight was lots of oral. I love hearing and watching her come. Did some anal exploring. 50 shades seemed to turn her on. What kind of bondage should I try as a new comer??

    • Go with simple stuff to start. I’d suggest tieing her to a chair, blindfolded, and tease her body. You could also tie her hands behind her back and ravage her body on the bed. Like I said, simple stuff to start, then work your way up to more intense stuff.

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