Stay For The Surprise Ending

We had quite the surprise ending to our night last night.

After having ate my honey to several strong orgasms, we settled down and got ready to sleep. TW had to have the last say though and dove down to suck my cock. Well, since she is a cock loving slut, she kept at my dick and soon I was hard as a rock.

TW wasn’t letting that go to waste, so she moved up into CG position. Before we got down to fucking though, TW slid her sloppy cunt across my shaft. She had an intense orgasm almost immediately. When I sat up and sucked a nipple into my mouth, she screamed and I felt her pussy gush. SWEET!

She then reached down and pushed my dick into her pussy. I easily slid deep into her hole and began to thrust fast and hard. She came on my cock like crazy, slamming her pussy down on my cock again and again. I assaulted her nipples again, squeezing them together and taking them into my mouth. I nipped and bit on her sweet nips, as she screamed again in orgasm.

I felt that familiar feeling in my nut sack, signaling my impending orgasm. I warned TW to get off and she quickly took me in her mouth. I think she was trying to get into 69, but I stopped her. As I emptied my cum into her  hungry mouth, I spanked her sexy ass, causing her to cum again, humming around my cock, as she swallowed my load.

What an end to an exhausting day!

Leaves us hungry for more.