Aaaaaaaaaaand, We’re Back

Hope everyone had a good week or two while we were gone.  TW and I sure did. 😉

Our anniversary trip went off without a hitch, AND without a stitch. TW fulfilled a fantasy of mine (and I secretly suspect, one of hers as well) by going pantiless the entire trip. Yeah, it was fucking HOT! We only had one incident and that was when the wind blew the back of her dress up while we were downtown. I don’t think anybody saw anything, but TW sure got a thrill out of it. I can tell these things, especially when I dip a finger into her cunt and find it sloppy wet.

The place we stayed at was nice and roomy and, best of all, quiet. No one under 21 was allowed on premise so there were no screaming kids and plenty of opportunity for TW to flash her naked cunt at me whenever she wished. It was a small place as well so hardly any foot traffic. Most folks, like us, only spent a night or two before heading out.  We’ll definitely stay there again.

The living room area was quite spacious and allowed TW to get down on all fours and receive her spankings. We never did get to use any of the toys or outfits we brought up, but the sex was fantastic anyway. In fact, it was so good, TW came from just getting spanked! It was definitely a first as far as either one of us can remember. It was quite the intense orgasm too. We got in a few more sessions, mostly me eating TW’s cunt and sessions in bed, but, sex wasn’t the focus of the week and we had a great time despite not bringing out the toys and outfits.

Then, after our trip, TW’s period arrived. Twenty days late. DAMN IT! And just when I was going to give her the 30th Anniversary present, a nice pearl necklace. As ZZ Top sings, “that ain’t jewelry she’s talking about…..

Fast forward to last night.

I had trouble with my secretary last night. She arrived at work dressed like a slut: fishnet stockings, high heels, short black skirt, tight top a fishnet body suit and nipple clamps! What a slut! I mean, I can’t have my staff dressed like that. I had to discipline her for disobeying company policy.

I had her lean over the printer, ass stuck out, blouse unbuttoned, legs spread out. I stroked her ass and then began to spank her. Each hit of my hand elicited a moan from her.

You are such a bad girl,,” I repeatedly explained, as my hands warmed her ass cheeks. When I reached into her top and squeezed her tits, TW moaned in pain. It was then I discovered the nipple clamps and body suit.

My, my, you ARE a whore aren’t you?

Yes, Master,” came her quick reply.

Well, since  you’re dressed like a whore, I guess I’ll treat you like one.

I had her walk over to the office couch and lean over.

Spread you legs slut,” I demanded. “Now, for your punishment.

I proceeded to spank her ass. By the time I was finished, TW had come from just the spanking again and her ass was hot and red. I managed to hit her pussy a couple of times, sending TW into spasms of ecstasy. Standing in her heels, she looked every bit of the slut I imagine her to be at work. I quickly dropped my shorts and stuck my cock into her hot pussy. I easily slid into that sloppy mess and began to fuck her hard and fast from behind.

I reached up and grabbed her pony tail and pulled. TW screamed, and creamed, in orgasm.

WHAT ARE YOU?” I yelled at her.

She mumbled something incoherent, I had caught her in mid orgasm.

WHAT ARE YOU?” I yelled again.

“I AM A SLUT!” TW replied.

Who’s slut?” I demanded.

Oh fuck, I’m YOUR SLUT! I’m your slut master to do with what you please.

I continued to fuck her from behind, while pulling on her pony tail. I continued to spank her as well. Her orgasms were powerful and I slipped out a couple times. It was all good though as my cock scrapped across her clit, ratcheting up her orgasm intensity. I finally had to pull out as I was getting close.

I moved over to the side and continued to spank her. I reached for her pussy with my right hand and found her clit. TW exploded in a very violent series of orgasms. Between the spanking and my clit manipulation, she was screaming and crying as she came. Her legs were rubbery and she almost fell off her heels a few times.

Would  you like to mount your boss now, slut?

“Yes, yes, oh fuck YES!” TW quickly replied.

I got down on the floor and TW straddled my body. She easily slid her well lubed pussy down on my shaft and began to ride me CG style. By this time, I had removed the nipple clamps as her nips were overly sensitive and turning purple. I reached up and began to pinch and pull on her nipples. TW’s orgasms began again.  Since no one was home, and we were in the basement, TW was free to scream her head off. That’s exactly what she did.

From a low guttural moan, TW’s voice began it’s journey to a full on, high pitched scream. Her hips were a blur as she fucked my dick with her well used pussy. Her head was thrown back as the orgasms overwhelmed her. As she screamed, I was busy sucking her tits and slapping her ass. All too soon though, I had to yell myself. My orgasm was building and I had to get TW off my cock.

She finally got the message and dove down to take my cock in her mouth. My orgasm came and I filled my whore’s mouth with my sperm. She drank down every drop and then kept me in her mouth until I got soft. WHAT A WOMAN! We finished up the night with my worshiping her cunt with my lips and tongue. Needless to say, she had a few more strong orgasms before we called it a night. We never did get to use the yardstick on her ass. We’ll save that for another night when we’re home alone.

This morning, we continued the fun with a wake up session that featured titty sucking, CG, spanking, and finished up with a little finger play, and lots of strong orgasms, on TW’s pussy. I’m pretty sure TW is walking funny this morning. 😀

love is7 (2)

I still owe her that pearl necklace though. 😉 😀

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  1. hahahaha! As I read that, I have JVC’s “world of pearls” on the tv (by accident–but so funny a coincidence!) Sounds like you guys had a rocking, rolling, fucking AWESOME vacation. Happy 30 years…wishing you many more. 🙂


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