” ‘Cause the power you’re supplyin’, it’s electrifyin’! “

TW got to experience what it’s like to stick your finger in an electric socket over the weekend. Well, at least that’s the way she described it.

I was eating her pussy, after a spirited CG/Spoon session, when TW went rigid. Evidently, I short circuited something in her nervous system. She said it felt like an electric charge went through her body and down her leg. She was complaining of pain around her ankle yesterday but can’t remember twisting her ankle or anything like that. She’s pretty sure it’s not the spinal cyst since she’s not experiencing the numb outs that come with it.

So, I’m either getting better and making my honey cum, or, there’s another issue with her nervous system. I’m going with the first one and crossing my fingers, toes and eyes it’s not the latter.