God, You Smell Like Sex!

Why thank you! I should you know.

TW and I have been having some awesome sex lately. We were home alone this past weekend and took the opportunity to fuck ourselves silly whenever the mood hit us. Lots of oral, a cum shot, CG, spanking, and nipple pinching, heavy on the nipple pinching, very heavy.

This morning TW was treated to an extended oral session, after a spirited, if sleepy on my part, CG session. I left her out of breath, sobbing softly, wondering how she was going to walk today. I DONE MY JOB GOOD. 🙂

After having fucked CG style, and having finished a quick spoon session, TW offered her pussy up for a quick lick. 20 minutes later, TW’s pussy, my face, and my fingers, were left a sopping mess. I had to remind her to keep her voice down since YS was home for the night. TW grabbed a pillow and covered her face as she came on my tongue.

My tongue was a whirlwind around her clit. TW’s thighs were tightly wrapped around my head as I tongue fucked her. When I added a couple of fingers to the mix, TW went into orbit. Her back arched, her ass left the bed and she just about snapped my neck. WHAT A WAY TO DIE!

As I was eating her, I was busy with her nipples as well. I pinched, pulled, tugged and generally abused her nipples. TW didn’t care, she was too busy cumming up a storm. I was even able to get a quick spanking in when TW turned on to her side. Talk about a pussy gushing experience.

At that point, TW had to push me away. I got out of bed, showered, dressed and headed for work. As I sit here typing this, I can still smell TW’s yummy pussy in my beard. It’s gonna be a fucking GREAT day!

Sweet Dreams

TW and I had a nice CG session this morning. It’s been tough to find time to do anything since TW’s period came 17 days after her last one. W T F? Crazy ass menopause. Anyway, between her whack ass period and us falling asleep on each other, it’s been hard to hook up. No pun intended.

This morning though, and last night’s quick oral session, were exceptions. TW found me hard and ready to go. She sucked on my cock for a bit before mounting up and getting herself off to several very strong orgasms. The strongest were when my cock slipped out of her cunt and she rubbed herself across my shaft. The cock shaft on clit must have been very intense because she arched her back and came like crazy. We didn’t fuck too long though as I was running late for work.

We did, however, get a little bit more in. While I was in the bathroom, I could hear TW pleasuring herself. When I came back to the bed, I found her fingering her pussy. I got on the bed and pushed my cock toward her face. She quickly sucked me into her mouth as she continued the assault on her cunt.

I took over the fingering of her pussy and brought her off to a few more orgasms. They were also pretty intense as TW tried to strip the skin off my dick with her teeth as she came. Of course, my pinching, twisting and pulling on her nipples probably had something to do with that. I was also fucking her face, so, it was all good.

Prior to my waking up this morning, I was having the most awesome, realistic dream I’ve had in a while. We are doing a weight loss challenge at work. We always kid one another that if push came to shove, and we needed to meet our goals, we’d be willing to get naked at the weigh ins. Well, last night, in my dream, that happened. Sexy as hell! Now, my morning hard on had nothing to do with the dream as far as I know. It wasn’t a sex dream, more of a wishful thinking, everyone is cool with it, dream. I do have this wish though that I could find out if this one woman I lust after has the large, pale pink nipples and areolas she in my dream. It was fucking awesome! And yes, I was naked as well.

I like dreams like that.

Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day here is the US.

Please take the time to thank a veteran for his or her service. They put their lives on the line every day to keep us the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

They deserve every single thanks they receive.