Tumblr Blogs Closed

Hey Everyone,

The Tumblr blogs have been closed. Since YaHell took over, it hasn’t been as much fun. Continued threats to delete the account due to copyright issues got to be too much for me. I understand the issue and have offered to remove the offending material but I never get the link to the file BEFORE tumblr deletes it. That makes it impossible to mark the files on my computer as DO NOT UPLOAD. ¬†Yahell has previously fucked up Flickr, so them fucking up Tumblr wasn’t totally unexpected. I’ve ¬†asked the readers themselves to let me know which ones they want taken down but I only got a few replies, so, fuck it. It’s not worth the time or effort.

Oh, and in case your were wondering, the people who DID contact me had their pics removed immediately AND marked accordingly in my collection.

Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season, whatever you celebrate. As for me, I’m busy cutting OS out of my life and becoming this guy….



Take care everyone, be good to one another.



Foto Phriday – Decisions, Decisions….

TW and I will be home alone again this weekend. I have to make some decisions on what to use on her. Here’s what I can select from…




Last time we were home alone, this happened….AND IT WAS GOOD!



The orgasms she experienced were mind blowing. She left bite marks on my shoulder as she came. It was MOST excellent. Thankfully, her period is ending just in time. Time to party!