Here, Let Me Spread My Legs Wider For You

So that whatever god there is can have clearer access to my ball sack while kicking it around. My brother’s cancer has spread, we won’t know how far until he meets with his oncologist next week. ¬†At least he’s got a fighting attitude about it. He’s up to doing whatever it takes to kick the fuck out of cancer. Knowing him, he’ll do it.

Happy New Year? Yeah, Not So Much

So, 2014 has started out pretty fucking poorly. TW’s in a lot of pain due to the weather and now her hips are giving out on her. Work has sucked BIG time with little annoyances turning into full blown situations. GAH! We’ve been home alone twice since the year began and TW is STILL in need of being tied up and spanked. We’ve both been so tired lately. On top of all that, I have a friend who’s fighting a tumor in her neck and now my brother has melanoma. Unfortunately, cancer runs in his mom’s family with only 2 people NOT dieing of it.


I was hoping 2014 was going to be a better year. Guess it’s gonna rain shit all year.