You know things have slowed way down here at OFMS, when TW has dreams of being face fucked. Normally, I’m the one with the sex dreams but TW has been having some downright dirty, sleazy, sexy dreams of her own lately.

First, she had a dream, earlier in the week, of being spanked; then the face fucking one. It left her horny all day. She told me it’s all she could think about. I was going to oblige her last night, but we both fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. DAMN IT!

I’d like to tell you I’ll do it tonight, but it’s been so cold around here, and we’ve both been crazy ass busy that by the time we’re ready for bed, it’ll probably be sleep that comes first. FUCK!

I love fucking TW’s face and she LOVES ADORES it when I do. She’ll take me balls deep and let me hold her head while I fuck her mouth. It’s very hot for both of us. She gets so submissive when she’s got my cock in her mouth. Makes me hard just thinking about it. I’m sure when she reads this, she’ll get pretty wet.

When I cum, I imagine her taking a load from a stranger or filling one of her sister’s mouths with my cum.  I also like to imagine I have all four sisters on their knees, facing one another, tits in hand, while I cum on all four of them. TW has also been bukkaked by friends of ours, bikers, cops, firemen, construction workers, indoors, outdoors, in the board room, in elevators, at a truck stop, bathrooms, on the kitchen tables, in restaurants, well, you get the idea.

Maybe she WILL be face fucked tonight. 😉

One thought on “Fuck…….MY…….FACE

  1. maybe if you happen to slip off to take a “shower” before bed…together….you can facefuck in the shower, one of my biggest fantasies of late….

    facefucked as she is manhandled by the tall, intimidating cop for speeding. . . oh …wait…that’s *my* fantasy…



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