Home Alone Yet Again

With CG back at school, and YS going to his girlfriend’s house tonight, for the weekend, TW and I find ourselves home alone yet again. Hopefully, things go better than the last couple of times we were home alone. I’m hoping both of us are awake enough to get some lovin’ in. I know once we start, things should progress to full blown, mind erasing sex. Bondage, spanking, toys, face fucking, ass slapping doggy style, hair pulling, cum wearing,  and lots of other fun are scheduled.

The only question is, can the two of us stay awake to put our plans in action?

Only time will tell.

Have a great weekend folks!

One thought on “Home Alone Yet Again

  1. well and wow…and here I thought it was Friday…turns out that at your house, it’s hump day. 😉


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