Give Me A T….T….Give Me an E….E…..

Yesterday, before the Stupor Bore started, TW came into the locker-room, dressed as a cheerleader. Needless to say, she was used and abused by the team. And, of course, she loved every second of it.

The poor girl really stepped into it this time. Being the team leader, I got first crack at the slut. After kissing her passionately, I bent her over one of the benches. I lifted her skirt and began to spank her ass. As I reddened her ass, I noticed she had brought a flogger with her.  Well, waste not, want not, right?

I grabbed the flogger and began to flog her sexy ass. I had to check if the slut was getting excited by all the attention so I lowered her panties and stuck my fingers in her cunt. Oh yeah, the bitch was ready for fucking. She was soaked. I lowered her panties and stuck my dick in her pussy. She orgasmed immediately. I continued to flog her ass while I pumped her from behind. Her ass was getting to be a nice cherry red, and when I grabbed her ponytail, every cheerleader has to have a ponytail, her orgasms intensified. I felt her cunt gush around my cock and figured it was time for me to pull out before I emptied my balls into her slushy pussy.

I moved to the side and stuck a thumb in her pussy. I lubed it up nice and then moved to her asshole. I gently slid my thumb into her ass, making her groan in pleasure. When I started to flog her again, she began to speak in tongues. I worked my thumb deeper into her ass as she came.

I put the flogger down and moved behind her, still fucking her asshole with my thumb. When I stuck my other thumb into her pussy, TW screamed. I found her g-spot and applied pressure. Her orgasms were some of the most intense I’ve ever seen her have, she was growling and mewling, while fucking my hands. I kept telling her what a hot bitch she was and she responded by covering my hand with her pussy juices.

My cock was throbbing at this point, so I eased my thumb out of her ass and removed my other thumb from her pussy. I then moved up to her face and offered her my cock. She greedily sucked it into her mouth and began to deep throat me. I grabbed her hair and began to forcefully face fuck her.

She moaned around my cock as I pumped her mouth. I grabbed the flogger and began to flog her ass and back. She responded by sucking me deeply into her throat. I pumped her as hard as I could and the hot cunt took it all. Her hungry mouth got me to the point of no return and I spewed my load into her mouth. I groaned out my orgasm as she sucked all my cum down her throat.

Thank god we got that in before the game. The game was so damn boring, along with the commercials, that we probably would NOT have had the energy to have such a hot session.

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  1. well..and whoa…you two are fawking hawt…that was intense and wild and very very exciting…

    nilla….(yeah, just that jealous)…!

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