Now, THAT’S How You Celebrate A Birthday

My birthday fell on this past weekend. TW and I sexed it up nice, even though we didn’t get the house to ourselves until late Saturday night and most of yesterday. We had lots of sex over the weekend and did just about everything except for a cum shot and there was no thumb up TW’s ass either. Maybe next time.

The weekend had a very nice start to it on Friday. S, from work, took me out to lunch. She was wearing a very revealing top. I doubt it was for me, since it was Valentine’s Day and the boss was in. Still, I enjoyed seeing her tits on display. Not full on display, but little peeks of the perky little devils, as her sweater top gaped open. Damn, she really put me in a good mood. So far, the weekend’s off to a good start.

Saturday, we were having a get together for the family. TW’s family likes to “honor” me around my birthday. I wish the SILs would “honor” me by going topless but they never do. Before the “party” TW and I got busy with a nice CG and Spoon session. I also got in some pussy licking, much to our mutual delight.  There was some hair pulling too! The party was boring. No cleavage, no sexy dress up, no son or grand daughter either. He’s still pissed off at me. Oh well, life goes on.

Sunday and yesterday, TW got in as many sessions as we could. She got spanked, I ate her numerous times all over the house and we fucked like rabbits. It was a very good time.

Today, it’s back to reality for both of us. UGH, hope we win one of the two lottery games we play. Then, we could retire and fuck all the time.

3 thoughts on “Now, THAT’S How You Celebrate A Birthday

  1. Damn,
    I was waiting to see that sexy ass and your thumb……
    Glad the rest of the Birthday Weekend was good. (except the grandbaby situation.. 😦

    oh, and don’t hold your breath on the lottery…. I’ve got the winner… lol

  2. Happy birthday and may your lottery wishes come true. “then we could retire and fuck all the time”…cracked me up. You horny old goat. I love reading your posts!! 🙂


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