Life, which seems to have an extremely difficult time in NOT FUCKING with us, has reared it’s ugly head again. The winter that won’t end is back in full force this week. My brother has an aggressive form of cancer that has a 80% chance of recurrence no matter how many times they remove it. One of my sister in laws is dealing with the tragic death of one of her students. One of TW’s aunts died. OS’s wife is still being a major bitch. OS is still not talking to me.

I feel like I’m in a royal rumble match and I’m pinned in the middle of the ring with elbow after elbow being driven into my mid section and head.  I’m wondering when the ref is gonna step in and stop the match. Unfortunately, it seems he’s being distracted by one of the wrestlers. Damn it!


2 thoughts on “Oh Fuck! NOT AGAIN!

  1. Hey Al, us middle ages fat guys need to stick together! It’s the only way we’ll survive. Thanks for the offer. Besides, aren’t all the wrestlers these days, aged fat guys? 😛

  2. Damn,
    I’d come over the ropes and “Tag” you out if I could. But, I’m not sure you’d really want a middle aged fat guy as you tag team partner…..
    TW’s probably much better at that than I would be anyway….. Just remember those around you that care… they are still here.

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