20 Questions

Hidee Ho Dear Readers,

Things are quiet around the MD house. Spring break is over and CG is off to finish her senior year. No spring travel for us this year, CG was too busy with classes to play her sport, so it’s just us and YS hanging around the house.

Life has really been kicking our asses lately. Most of the time we’re asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. Even with a couple of home alone weekends, we’re failing to have that crazy, balls out, loud orgasmic sex we used too. FUCK! It’s a bitch getting old. We are getting in some nice oral sessions though. TW loves to suck my cock and I sure as hell love to eat her cunt.

Anyway, since things are quiet, TW and I thought we’d open up the comments section for any questions you might have for us. Hell, I know this will probably kill us, but we’re even letting anonymous comments. God help us!

Anyway, feel free to ask anything you’d like. Hopefully, someone, ANYONE, will actually take us up on the offer and we’ll have something to talk about.

Here’s hoping.

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. Lol@ your hide e hoe greeting!
    1. How long have you two been together?
    2. If you could only have sex in one position ever again…which would I it be and why?
    3. Have you ever had a3 some with your wife and another? If not, would you? And would it be a guy or a girl?
    4. Outdoor sex..Yes it no? If you could do it one super naughty place, and guaranteed not getting caught, where would it be?
    5. Do you read or watch porn regularly?
    6. Are you sorry you asked for questions? I have more. πŸ™‚

    • 1. 35 years this year. Married for 31 this year.

      2. Cowgirl. It’s best for TW’s back, I can watch her face when she comes, I have access to suck on her tits and pinch and twist her nipples, it’s easy to spank her, and we get the opportunity to kiss. It’s also the best penetration position and with the curve of my cock I can hit her g-spot more easily.

      3. Yes, it was with a male friend of ours. We would do it again if we could find the right partner. TW would like to find a woman to join us, although we wouldn’t mind a couple either.

      4. Outdoor sex? OH HELL YES! We love fucking outside. TW handcuffed, on a cop car on the side of the road, after being pulled over.

      5. TW: not that much Me: Every day. I stick to pictures mostly, haven’t seen a porn movie in ages. Though, I do have to say, my brain provides plenty of sex oriented motion pictures for me.

      6. Nope, not sorry at all. Have at it! πŸ™‚

  2. Whenever we’re exhausted but still horny, I suggest a bit of 69 to keep things going without having to have an all out workout. How about licking her pussy, sucking on that clit and as she’s getting close, slide a thumb up her ass deep and hard and make her scream and cream? And for a twist, what’s good for the goose…

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