Cricket, Cricket, Cricket….

Come on folks, those are the only questions you got?


4 thoughts on “Cricket, Cricket, Cricket….

  1. 1) would TW eat my wife off….?
    2) Would TW let me fuck her ass, while performing #1…?
    3) What would you be doing while the 3 of us were having fun…? lol

    • 1: Get enough liquor in her and she might.

      2: That would be trickier. Maybe thumb fuck her.

      3: Furiously beating off or taking pics or fucking the faces of the ladies. Most likely I’d try to do all three. 🙂

  2. no I PROMISE I have more but boy has life knocked me over for time. It’s all crazed just now but I do have more. um…oh the crisis…I can’t think (I’ve been fighting pneumonia for 9 weeks) ….give me a few more days, ‘k? I LOVED your last answers, truly.

    how about some details about one of your biggest fantasy fucks? who is it? where are you? what happens? Are you rough (please gawd yes!) and does she luv it? (duh)….details…details…


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