Yeah, About That….

Well, as usual, life has thrown us a curve in our search for HMS.

TW and I are alone tonight. Unfortunately, TW dislocated her shoulder yesterday in a fall and is currently in a sling. Her right hand and left boob are becoming the breast of friends since her right arm is tightly strapped across her body.

Fuckity, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Oh, we’ll still have sex, just not as rough as we like it. Gonna make it hard to spank her or fuck her hard from behind. Pulling her hair is out of the question.  No bondage, and titty fucking is impossible. Looks like it might be missionary and pussy licking for the near future. That’s okay, I LOVE licking pussy. 🙂

Thankfully, TW didn’t hit her head or break anything. We’re both hoping her back is also unscathed. We’ll see what happens after the most excellent drugs she’s on wear off. She was extremely lucky.

One thought on “Yeah, About That….

  1. wow…i am SO sorry to hear about this…from a fucking perspective and of course for her health. Thank goodness she didn’t hit her head…but I’ve heard dislocation is incredibly painful. Sending hugs and energies for a speedy healing so you two can get back to your merry, dirty selves… 😀

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