So, How DO You Have Sex With A Dislocated Shoulder?

The answer:  You DON’T!

Now, let me qualify that. TW got her period right after dislocating her shoulder so we haven’t had the opportunity yet to engage in sex. That opportunity should be coming up today, as TW’s period is over.

The trick to this will be to keep TW’s arm below shoulder level. She’s already in bondage as she has to wear the sling. 😉 I’m thinking some nice oral work on my part, along with some fucking with her sitting on my lap should take the edge off nicely. Like I said, the trick will be to keep that arm below her shoulder. We could probably do some spanking as well, with TW’s sexy ass high up in the air. She just can’t put any weight on the affected arm.

Speaking of the sling, we’ve been able to get in some really hot kissing while I strap TW’s arm down. She has to wear a sling that straps across  her back, so, naturally, I have to reach around to get it set up. This puts my lips seriously close to hers, so, we kiss as often as we can. Running errands with her is lots of fun too since I have to lean over to get her seat belt attached. Yep, lots of lip locking with that as well. 🙂

I’m thinking once she’s out of that sling, all hell is gonna break loose.




One thought on “So, How DO You Have Sex With A Dislocated Shoulder?

  1. if anyone in all the world could figure out how to do this, it would be you two. Sending lots of healing “whammies” to her poor arm…


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