Morning Bathroom Quickie

As TW continues on with the period that would never end, we did get in a nice quickie this morning. After I turned on the shower, TW saw that I had a nice morning hardon. She got down on her knees and rested on the stool we have in the bathroom and gave my dick a nice bath with her tongue and lips. She slowly deep throated me a couple of times and, by the time she was finished, I was rock hard. I would have face fucked her there on the stool, but TW had other thoughts in mind.

After the nice, slow blowjob, TW stood up and demanded I fuck her. Who am I to refuse the request of a beautiful, hot, sexy, horny woman? I reached back and turned the shower off and followed her over to the sunken tub. She rested herself on the edge of the tub and I easily slid into her silky cunt. Naturally, the tub is surrounded by mirrors so we got to watch ourselves fuck. I love watching her titties sway as I pump her forcefully from behind. TW had several strong, stress relieving orgasms and then we continued on with our days.

It was good to get back in the saddle, so to speak.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!