4 thoughts on “Questions? Thoughts? Comments?

  1. I think I keep waiting to hear she’s stopped bleeding to start some fun things. I sympathize thoroughly. So, now that it seems she’s stopped, well, for now, that oral session sounded great, a lot of great pussy licking followed by a nice hard banging? Maybe a lot of spanking to get you both in the mood? and how do you keep the noise level down so as not to scare the neighbors? 😉 I’ve never been able to stay quiet enough during a fantastic session so as not to alert the police.

    • Well, we live on the corner so the neighbor issue is not that big of a deal. We only have one close neighbor and they haven’t mentioned anything to us. Besides, a ball gag works wonders on keeping the shouting and screaming to a minimum. 😉

      TW is overdue for a nice spanking, but with 2 of our kids permanently home now, it’s kinda tough to get that in. Plus, her back issues and separated shoulder have kept her out of any type of bondage lately. However, her PT said she’s at 100% mobility so things may be changing on that scene soon.

  2. waiting for…uhm…?

    I’m waiting for it to warm up…what the *fuck* happened to piss off mother nature so much. It rained all Mem. weekend, AND last night there was almost a frost here. Had my heat on yesterday. Yes. almost june. I just got back from away, and am brain dead.

    Are you two still fucking like bunnies? (doesn’t count unless you share it, you know. just sayin. (and waiting.) Things are very quiet in the nilla fucking scene. I am hoping M and I can get together in June. Or maybe July. Dear goddess not as long as August. (Then again, football starts in August so there’s that to look forward to if there isn’t a play date….)



    • Well, we were thinking questions for us.

      No fucking like bunnies. The damn “change” has dealt TW a 2 week and counting blood letting fest.It’s frustrating the hell out of both of us.

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