Good Morning Indeed!

Did you feel that slight wobble in the Earth’s rotation this morning? It was caused by TW having some truly intense orgasms while riding my throbbing hardon earlier this morning.

I awoke with a very nice hardon. When TW reached over and found Mr. Happy VERY happy indeed, she couldn’t resist going down on me. The woman really loves to suck cock and you can bet your sweet ass you are NOT going to hear me complain. She’s damn good at it too. Self taught as well!

After getting her fill of sucking on my cock, TW mounted up CG style. I was still half asleep, but TW did a fine job of waking my ass up. She rode hard and fast while I pumped my dick forcefully into her well lubed cunt. She was riding so hard, she actually shook the bedroom door. Not easy to do with one of those memory foam mattresses.

Unfortunately, TW got a cramp in her leg and had to dismount. It was okay though, we took the opportunity to get in some quick, but tear inducing, orgasms in Spoon. I pounded TW very hard while thinking about fucking her best friend while her best friend’s husband dumped a big load into TW’s pussy. TW and her friend then 69’d and her friend ate her husband’s cum out of TW’s  pussy while I pumped my cum into her friend’s pussy and let it dripped down on to TW’s face. Surprisingly, I did NOT cum while these erotic thoughts were running through my head. Gotta love those morning hardons! 😉

We finished up the morning with my face firmly planted on TW’s pussy as I tongue fucked her to another powerful orgasm or two. It was quite the nice way to start the day.

Did You Hear That?


That screaming you heard was TW getting her ass spanked properly and then fucked hard. She came off her period hot and horny. I was greeted at home by a naked wife, lieing on the bed, looking at spanking websites on a laptop.


“Well, hello there.”

TW also had out several spanking toys, a ping-pong paddle, the flogger and a flogger with soft tails on it.  I ordered her to continue what she was doing as I undressed.

I chose to start her off with the flogger. While she browsed I worked over her ass. She would moan from time to time as I stroked her ass. It reddened up quite nicely. After spanking her ass for a bit, my cock was getting nice and hard. I began to flog her tits, making her hotter.

I got on the bed and pushed my cock into her mouth. As TW sucked me, I flogged her tits some more, causing her to moan around my dick. I then moved down into 69 and made her cum like a woman possessed. I fucked her face while I ate her pussy, making TW gag a couple of times.

We then moved into Missionary and, after putting TW’s legs up on my shoulders, I fucked her deep and hard. I reached over and grabbed the flogger and worked over her tits again. TW’s face contorted in pleasure as I drove my cock deep into her cunt. As I fucked her, I continued to flog her tits and would lean down to suckle on them every now and then.

Her orgasms were very strong as I flogged and fucked her. We did some passionate kissing as we fucked and sucked. I then went down on her again, making her scream in pleasure. She then went back to looking at the spanking websites.

As she perused the web, I once again took the opportunity to spank her ass. This time I used the ping pong paddle, making her ass a nice, fiery, cherry red in color, and, hot to the touch. I think she may have orgasmed from just the spanking.

I gave her ass a break and played with her pussy a bit. As she looked at some gifs, I played with her cunt, forcing several fingers inside. She came again, moaning into my mouth as I kissed her. As I continued to kiss her, I spanked her ass, with my hands this time, making her cum one final time.

Nice way to start the evening.

All’s Quiet On The Western Front

TT, my darling Eastern European co-worker, is driving me crazy today. She’s got on this skin tight pair of dress slacks that have separated her ass cheeks into two perfectly spankable portions. I’m thinking she’s either going commando or she has found the most awesome thong EVER! Add the fact that she’s wearing a button down shirt that’s buttoned down almost to her bra and you can see why I’m distracted today.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it but bark. 😉

EDIT: Shit! I’m so distracted that I forgot to tell you that TW sucked my cock today. Not to completion, and not to get lucky, but just to suck it. THAT’S why I love this woman so much.